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A critical field and herbarium study in Castilleja provides sufficient evidence for recognizing 20 species, 19 perennials and one annual of this genus in New Mexico. Castilleja species are found in a variety of habitats throughout New Mexico and flower from early April to late October. The yellow-bracted taxa are limited to the high mountains of the northern part of the state; others are more generally distributed. One taxon apparently is endemic to the White and Sacramento Mountains. One variety, described from the Charleston Mountains of Nevada, is now reported from the Chuska Mountains of New Mexico also. The scarlet-bracted taxa, represented in part by several related species, show the greater extent of distribution of the two groups. The delimitation of several species of Castilleja, particularly the scarlet-bracted taxa, is complicated by apparent close morphological relationships between these species. Future studies of these taxa should be directed toward cytological and/or genetic bases for separation. A chromosome count from microspore mother cells was determined for three species. In each of these species, n=24.



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