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Cells enzymatically dispersed from ovine thyroid tissue were cultured in Ham's F-10 medium supplemented with 8.33% Fetal Calf Serum and 8.33% Lamb Serum. Cultures were maintained in a humidified 37° C incubator having a 5% CO2 - 95% air atmosphere. At 48 hours post isolation, cell culture medium was replaced and experiments begun. Altering the serum content (between 4.76 - 16.66%) of the nutrient medium had little effect upon either DNA content or 3H-thyrnidine incorporation into DNA. Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone (TSH) seemed to have a stablizing effect upon DNA content (between 0 and 7 days post TSH addition), and little if any effect upon 3H-thyrnidine incorporation into DNA. Altering the concentration at which the ovine cells were put into culture had little effect upon 3H-thymidine incorporation into acid-insoluble material. Based on the data from experiments on DNA content and synthesis, a time interval of 44 hours post-medium change was selected for initiation of experiments on RNA synthesis. TSH increased in parallel 3H-uridine incorporation into RNA and into acid-soluble fractions. This response was maximal at one-hour post hormone addition and was shown to demonstrate a hormone dose dependency. The extent of stimulation appeared to be independent of both the concentration at which cells were put into culture and of the serum content of the nutrient medium.

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