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The mortality of rats exposed to the combined effects of air blasts and exhaustive exercise was investigated. Five hundred rats were ex­posed to sharp rising air blasts of 300 to 400 msec durations in a shock tube after which 250 rats were swum at different times and for varying periods post blast. There were 250 blast controls and 95 swim controls.

In the primary experiment, rats were swum to exhaustion begin­ning 15 min after exposure to graded levels of air blast. In the three other series of experiments, animals were swum to exhaustion at 5 min after blast; swum to exhaustion, with 13. 9 g weights attached, at 15 min after blast; and swum for a 5 min period 5 min after blast. Within each experimental series, animals received blast only and were swum only for comparison.

Animals subjected to swim at 5 and 15 min following blast had increased mortality except in experiments with no deaths. The chances of survival from air blast exposure followed by forced exercise after blast injury was discussed.



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