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Studies of collections of Aristida from New Mexico indicate that 16 species of this genus occur in the state. These are A. adscensionis L., A. oligantha Michx., A. orcuttiana Vasey, A. ternipes Cav., A. barbata Fourn., A. divaricata Humb. and Bonpl., A. hamulosa Henr., A. glauca (Nees) Walp., A. purpurea Nutt., A. roemeriana Scheele, A. wrightii Nash, A. pansa Woot. and Standl., A. longiseta Steud. (and 2 varieties), A. fendleriana Steud., A. parishii Hitchc., and A. arizonica Vasey. These taxa are treated systematically from a morphological point of view and probable relationships among them are discussed. Distribution of each of the taxa is included along with a taxonomic key for the identification of the New Mexico species. The existence of certain taxa as distinct entities is questioned. Further studies are proposed as means by which problem species may be better understood.



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