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A total of 2,034 crab spiders, representing 1,899 juveniles and 135 adults, were collected chiefly by sweeping pure and mixed stands of plants in central New Mexico. The spiders collected belong to 24 taxa and include 17 species, Plant associations were determined for most of the species and compared with previously published records. The species of crab spiders collected seem to occur more frequently on grasses and composites than on any other kinds of plants. Juvenile crab spiders were found to have less plant specificity than do mature crab spiders. Six species, Coriarachne aemula, Misumenops californicus, Philodromus droseroides, Rhysodromus histiro virescens, Tibellus chamberlini, and T. oblongus, are reported from New Mexico for the first time. Several new records are given for Bernalillo, Sandoval, Santa Fe, Socorro, and Torrance counties. Information is given on the altitudinal distribution and seasonal occurrence of each species.



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