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The nutrition of Myxococcus fulvus has been investigated and its growth characteristics on several media observed. In the isolation procedure, Furadantin was used to eliminate an associated bacillus. The M. fulvus did not fruit on media containing this chemotherapeutic agent, but did on identical media without the agent. The M. fulvus strain used in this study grew well and underwent normal morphogeneis on yeast extract or on complex media containing protein, starch or glycogen. It grew on gelatin media, but did not fruit on it. It was bacteriolytic on 20 eubacterial species, but not on one pseudomonadales species; fruiting bodies appeared on the eubacterial colony. The fruiting bodies showed an increase in pigmentation on some eubacterial species, but this could not be associated with either gram reaction or pigmentation of the eubacterium. M. fulvus also grew on a medium containing 19 amino acids, of which only two were found to be essential for growth. The growth level on this medium was very low and could not be increased by the addition of choline, folic acid, starch or glycogen.



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