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Studies of collections of Potentilla which I made during the summer of 1969, and from collections in The University of New Mexico Herbarium indicate that there are 24 species of Potentilla in New Mexico. These are:

P. fruticosa L. ,P. arguta Pursh, P. fissa Nutt.,P. glandulosa Lindl., P. thurberi A. Gray (and 1 variety),

P. anserina L. (and 1 variety), P pennsylvanica L.,P. plattensis Nutt., P. crinita A. Gray (and 1 variety),

P. pulcherrima Lehm. (and 1 variety), P. ambigens Greene, P. hippiana Lehm. (and 1 variety), P. diversifolia Lehm., P. sierrae-blancae Wooton and Rydb., P. bicrenata Rydb., P. subviscosa Greene, P. concinnaeformis Rydb., P. grayi Wats., P. sibbaldii Hall, P. oblanceolata Rydb., P. concinna Richards, P. rivalis Nutt. (and 1 variety), P. norvegica L., and P. paradoxa Nutt.

These taxa are treated systematically and probable relationships among them are discussed. Variability within the genus is apparently very great. The • distribution of each species is given and a taxonomic key for identification of New Mexico specimens is included. Chromosome counts are given for those species for which they are known. The existence of certain taxa as distinct entities is questioned.

Proposed methods for further study of the genus are mentioned as a means by which problem species and their questionable relationships might better be understood.



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