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Winter 11-11-2022


Schistosoma haematobium, the agent of urogenital schistosomiasis, and
related schistosomes are transmitted by members of the genus Bulinus. Each of
the 38 Bulinus species vary in their ability to vector schistosome species and
non-schistosome trematodes resulting in a patchwork of snail-parasite
compatibilities. Accurately identifying snail intermediate hosts and the disease-
causing parasites they transmit is critical for snail control strategies and the
management of human schistosomiasis. Towards these ends, this thesis
identifies bulinid species and the parasites they transmit and implicates certain
species in the transmission of S. haematobium. The thesis also includes a
systematic review of methods to detect schistosome transmission. The phylogenetic relationships among species of Bulinus were investigated using
barcoding genes as well as comparisons among mitogenomes. The work
described provides the foundation for genome-wide studies to elucidate the
mechanisms responsible for the successful development of S. haematobium or
S. bovis in some but not all bulinid species.




Phylogenetic, parasite, distribution, compatibility, Bulinus, Schistosoma

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UNM Biology Department

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Coenraad Adema

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Eric Sam Loker

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Sara Brant