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Trypanosomes from mice of the species Peromyscus boylii and Peromyscus truei were isolated and cultured in NNN medium and in trypticase soy medium. A continuing culture of trypanosomes developed from blood of mice of the species P. truei. Trypanosomes from the blood of mice of the species P. boylii did not adapt to continuing cultures, but crithidias and rosettes were observed.

The cultures were incubated at temperatures of 1.5 C, 22 C, and 37 C. The organisms incubated at 1.5 C never advanced beyond the crithidial form, but they were observed in the culture medium after 40 days. The organisms were still viable after 23 days at 1.5 C; and one such culture, when placed at 22 C, achieved normal development for that temperature. A temperature of 22 C (room temperature) seemed to be the best temperature for growing T. peromysci. Other investigators have shown this to be true for a number of trypanosomes (T. cruzi, T. lewisi, and others). At a temperature of 37 C T. peromysci trypanosomes existed for at most 6 days in vitro.

In addition to forms described by previous investigators, cystlike bodies were observed in both types of media.



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