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Blood of 311 mice belonging to the genus Peromyscus was examined for the presence of trypanosomes. All four species, P. boylii, P. truei, P. leucopus, and P. maniculatus, were found to be infected with the hemoflagellate Trypanosoma peromysci. Mice of the species P. boylii and P. truei were found to have the highest percentage infection, 28.1% and 25.9%, respectively. The other two species, P. leucopus and P. maniculatus, demonstrated lower infection percentages, 7.9% and 11.4%, respectively.

Mice of the subadult and young adult age group were found to have a higher percentage of infection than did mice of the juvenile and adult age groups.

Although a variation in the percentage of infection over the period of the study was found, this variation was not statistically significant.

A negative correlation was found between the mean monthly weights and the monthly infection percentages of P. boylii; however this correlation was not statistically significant. No statistically significant differences were found between the mean weights of infected and uninfected mice.



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