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The effect of temperature on cesium-137 metabolism in the oriental cockroach, Blatta orientalis, was studied. Adult and nymphal animals were fed cesium-137 to investigate the biological half-time, excretion rate, retention curve and distribution of the isotope among body tissues.

Metabolic rate studies at different temperatures showed an exponential relationship between oxygen consumption and temperature. The Q10 was 2.56 for adults and 2.20 for nymphs in the 10 C – 35 C range.

Cesium-137 elimination rate increased as environmental temperature increased. The Q10 for cesium-137 elimination was constant (1.2) over the 15 C – 35 C range and greatly increased over the 10 C – 15 C range (2.05 and 16.4). The gut had a high concentration of cesium-137. Concentrations in the cuticle, was well as in the other tissues or organs examined were very similar with a slightly high amount in the legs.



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