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Season was investigated as a factor determining tolerance to deprivation of drinking water. Employing weight loss as a criterion, two hibernators, Citallus lateralis and C. tridecemlineatus, are more tolerant to water deprivation in any season than the laboratory rat, a non-hibernator. Both C. lateralis and C. tridecemlineatus are more tolerant to water deprivation and fall than in summer. In general, bold species demonstrate greater tolerance to water deprivation as ambient temperature decreases (in the range of 27 to 21 C ). Season appears to have no effect upon tolerance to water deprivation in the laboratory rat.

During periods of water or food deprivation C. lateralis and C. tridecemlineatus demonstrated occasional lowered skin temperatures which were much more frequent an even number days following deprivation.

Internal responses during water deprivation word determined by measuring water content of seven tissues in control and experimental animals. Following water deprivation and 30% weight loss all tissues of the rat or dehydrated whereas only the blood of the hibernators was dehydrated and liver water content was increased.



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