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Vocalizations and behavior of banded pairs of adult Pinon Jays were recorded during 1972. Jays were housed in large outdoor aviaries. Fifteen distinct vocalizations were isolated in this study. During 1973 individual adult Pinon Jays were observed, and their vocal responses to other individuals were recorded under various circumstances in an attempt to quantify the functions of the calls iso­lated in the initial study. Six pairs of Pinon Jays were tested in this manner. A wild flock of unhanded Pinon Jays also was observed during 1972 and part of 1973.

The fifteen Pinon Jay vocalizations were examined with the aid of a sonograph. Statements are made about their physical characteristics, functions, and in some cases, their relationship with other calls and displays. One vocali­zation, the Near, was analyzed for components that would allow recognition of individual Pinon Jays. Many vocalizations are extremely graded in their renditions. Three displays not previously mentioned in the literature are also described.



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