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Studies of the various phases of plant growth are becoming more and more important to plant physiologists. Many such studies have been conducted for economic reasons to obtain increased production. In this investigation, fruit production and quality have been considered important, but have been placed second in interest to the effect certain nutrients may have on plant development during growth.

Most experiments of this type have been concerned with nutrient deficiencies. The writer has attempted in this experiment to use nutrient elements in excess and observe the effects produced during progressive phases of plant growth. Single elements, nitrogen, phosphorus, and iron were tried in excess above the recommended amounts and a balanced solution using all three elements in excess was also used.

The plant chosen for this experiment was the Ball F1 variety of tomato. The method of culture used was hydroponics. This method was chosen because the technique eliminates many sources of error such as may occur in soil where bacteria and other micro-organisms may alter the medium and interfer with the absorption of elements by the plant under investigation.



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