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N Names and faces must always fit,

It's an easy way to make a hit.

O Out is the girl who refuses to dance

With a boy who cuts in, recognized at a glance.

P Personality and poise are a firm foundation

Popularity comes with their cultivation.

Q Quickly accept or decline invitations

Everything is lost by hesitations.

R Refusing dates needs lot of tact

"I'm sorry, I'm busy," suffices for fact.

S Smile and speak as you go about

Do not harbor the slightest doubt;

To remember all the people you will meet

In the first few weeks is a noble feat.

T Talk with your best voice on the phone

Treat others messages as your own.

U Unique is the co-ed with always a date,

Not making dances won't mean you don't rate.

V Vines that cling belong on the walls

But not on the campus or in our halls.