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The decorative arts of New Spain had, until recently, been peripheral in art historical discourse. Current scholars have begun to widen the lens of interpretation to include new spheres of influence and objects that defy traditional disciplinary classifications. One such object is the Biombo Franz Mayer, a viceregal biombo, or folding screen. Although useful for elucidating larger themes, recent studies have de-contextualized the Biombo by regarding the object in terms of group identity or as a representation of colonized spaces. Building on previous scholarship, this thesis will reintroduce the object's context, and through formal and iconographic analyses, study the screen holistically. This thesis constitutes an extended proposal for future in-depth explication of the use of material objects in the elite domestic space and their impact on public visual culture and sociopolitical policy.'



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Art History

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UNM Department of Art and Art History

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Hernández - Durán, Raymond

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Buick, Kirsten Pai

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Craven, David


New Spain, Art History, Mexico City, biombo