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Maxine Marks

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The struggle over who writes our histories and who is included in those histories resonates within the broader scope of my project where I examine such productions and deliberations of American identity through U.S. visual language and artistic production. I challenge exclusive ideas of Americanness' and counter such exclusions within Regionalism via the artistic production of Paul Cadmus. I specifically explore issues of gender, race and class in the artworks of U.S. artist Paul Cadmus, his resulting impact on the Regionalist movement and the heteronormative masculine identity that emerges from within Regionalism. I illuminate Cadmus's contributions to Regionalism, rebuild connections between other reassigned Regionalists, and challenge the accepted heteronormative masculine identity of Regionalism. My project adds to the recent body of work regarding U.S. homosexual artists within Regionalism and the overall greater categories of U.S. art. I push against art history's tendency to shut the book on Regionalism in standard unwavering notions of 'Americanness' via investigations of the ideologies that exclude artists carrying burdens of race, class, or gender.'



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Art History

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UNM Department of Art and Art History

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Fry, Aaron

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Zuromskis, Catherine

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Regionalism, Gender, Race, Class, Homosexuality, Art, United States, Paul Cadmus, Heteronormativity, Ideology, Ideologies, Masculinity, Gender, Americanness