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Kent T. Rush

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I have recently defined for myself methods of creating and presenting images. These methods became useful to me intuitively. Now, they have become consciously evident to me as procedures to which I can apply my creative efforts. Examination of these processes is an effort to economize and minimize wasted energies. My recent artistic activities have centered around the use of collage and printmaking. My sensitivity to these processes was directed toward inherent qualities which complimented the content of my images. Though I have always used collage, I had considered its use frivolous. I recognize now that it provides me with a direct method of image construction. Printmaking offers me a mode of transformation and presentation of these constructed images. The reduction of immediacy as a result of this process eliminates distracting and misleading elements from the final picture. This paper is an explanation of these processes, their importance to my sensibilities and their contribution to the content of my work.



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