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It is my purpose to create visual imagery of enigmatic, obscure, and mystical content through the development of clarity of form. I attribute the pursuit of three-dimensional form, first to the mysterious and lustrous qualities of metal as a medium of expression (or communication) and secondly, to a personal need to gain insight into the basic structural essence of the visual world. Extensive analysis of both man-made and natural organic form has provided a visual vocabulary from which to work. More importantly such an analysis has led to the discovery that form is not only composed of structure and a relationship of parts, but possesses qualities expressing "the intangible.” It is this ineffable quality which has served as impetus to my present treatment of form and medium. Enigma, created in the perceptible, has, in addition, produced a metaphysical concept. Jewelry, as an idiom of expression, reveals visual quality of form, spiritual essence, and a metaphysical consciousness may be realized.



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UNM Department of Art and Art History

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Ralph Wayne Lewis

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