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Crystalline beauty which fades and reappears with each slight turn of the band; frozen faces whose every wrinkle and subtle curve of the lips can be examined; a watch or necklace or lace dress seen with utmost clarity: this is the beauty of daguerreotypes. Long exposure, careful development on a polished surface, and the absence of an intervening negative contribute to the timeless quality of these tiny pictures which awakened the world to a whole new visual medium. Little touching up as done and tinting was used with great gentleness. Composition was direct and simple, perhaps bordering on monotony, but the best struck one as a direct expression of the sitter. There was no time for a quick smile which fades with the click of the shutter - the exposures were too long. Brassai speaks beautifully of the picture making event which retained its specialness until the wide use of fast cameras.



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