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I have always questioned the authority of Art History. I was taught that the historians gave a true, unbiased examination of art, while the critics and the artists created works wrought with subjectivity. But experience has taught me that nothing can be looked upon objectively. Even as we look, we are changing what we see.

There is not just one truth, one voice; there are many, and this is mine. The stories you are about to see are real, except for the ones I made up, which are also real. I think the truth must be something that wraps around itself, like a snake. Or something that encloses itself endlessly, a series of translucent concentric circles, like an onion. At its very core, photography, in whatever form it takes, questions the ideas of truth and fiction. As an artist and as a writer, the slippery play between the two has always fascinated me -- and it has always ultimately made me cry.



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