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Gonzales Moises

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Raza Planning


The purpose of this plan is to formulate strategies to preserve agricultural land in the South Valley area of Bernalillo County. The project is intended to assist the Bernalillo County Planning Department by providing the SouthWest Area Plan Steering Committee with an understanding of the current agricultural conditions in the South Valley. The project is also intended to help the community to develop goals and strategies to preserve agriculture. Historically, the South Valley maintained itself as a self sufficient agricultural community until the early 1940s. Recently, the number of acres in agriculture had declines. Much of this decline has been due to conversion of land from agriculture to residential, commercial, and manufacturing uses. The intent of this plan is to asses the rate of change of the South Valley most vital natural resources, and to recommend actions to endure the protection of farmland. The research sections leading to various recommendations will examine the agricultural history and the existing agricultural conditions in the plan area, study the factors that have contributed to the decline of agricultural production, look at possible strategies for local government as well as for South Valley residents to preserve agricultural land, and finally, proposes ideas for implementing agricultural preservation policies and actions in the area. The need to preserve farmland in the South Valley is based on the numerous benefits agriculture provides. For example, farming provides for aquifer recharge for the Middle Rio Grande Valley. Agriculture also preserves the open space and rural character of the region, as well as provides recreation and trails along the acequia system.

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Latina o planning, agriculture, South Valley, farmland, rural development, land use, acequia, water, economic development, performance based zoning