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This thesis considers energy development, specifically how the Navajo Nation can address renewable energy development at the local chapter level by incorporating green building strategies into housing planning and development. The objective is to make sense of how individual Navajo chapters, like Tsé Łichii, can learn to plan and build better housing through green building techniques with the ultimate goal of addressing energy on the Navajo reservation. Through planning theory and ideas for how to apply these concepts to individual chapter needs, this thesis will explain how the Navajo Nation as a whole can plan for sustainable renewable energy development at the local chapter level through green building by recognizing the link between renewable energy development and housing, showing there is a need for planning at the local chapter level for each Navajo chapter, breaking down the community planning process for local Navajo communities, and breaking down planning tools through green building techniques and facilitation processes. These methods seek to break down the planning process enough to empower the local Navajo people and place planning within their reach so they can learn to make decisions that matter to them and ultimately craft plans that can be implemented.



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Community and Regional Planning

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School of Architecture and Planning

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Jojola, Ted

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Begay-Campbell, Sandra

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Henkel, David


Navajo Nation, Renewable Energy, Green Building, Community Planning, Indigenous Planning, Sustainability, Facilitation

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