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During an interview with a person connected with the Atomic Energy Commission we came across an architectural problem that they have neglected. He said, "We have a campsite at all our nuclear test sites and these campsites could be improved greatly. The major problems in these campsites are the ungodly amount of time it takes to build one and the cost involved is out of sight." He then said, "What we really need is a mobile campsite that can be set up very quickly at a minimal cost."

Taking this last statement in mind I began working with the research on mobile buildings as such, possibly mobile homes that could be converted into dormitory or living facilities for a number of men. After much research and study this system became unfeasible because the cost of transportation was no better than the cost of the old system. I then tried expandable buildings such as built by Potlatch Forests, Inc. However, many of the same problems came up including transportation costs.

It finally boiled down to the idea of prefabricated unit that could be assembled from small units on the job site.



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This is a bachelor's thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Architecture.

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