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The following conditions, as stipulated in the program, will be of primary importance

1. That this area become a delightful, highly utilized "heart of the city".

2. That it provide all major facilities and appropriate environment tor living, working, culture and recreation in balanced quantities, for the people who will reside within its boundaries, and in addition, provide a variety of activities which will benefit people throughout the region as a whole.

3. That it create permanent values; human, social, and economic. to the city.

4. The following minimum facilities are to be provided

a. Residence for at least 5,000 families.

b. Offices.

c. Local and area wide shopping.

d. A community college.

e. 100% expansion of existing hospital.

f. Parks, playground, and other outdoor recreation.



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School of Architecture and Planning

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George Smith Wright

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John James Heimerich

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Charles William Quinlan


This is a bachelor's thesis in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Architecture.

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