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Summer 7-29-2017


Rationale for conducting this research project was based upon prior experiences with the street paper community. The first objective of this study was to work cooperatively with local experts in the fields of social entrepreneurship, workforce development, social service provisioning, city planning, and journalism to identify barriers and strategies for developing a street paper value chain for Albuquerque. The second objective of this study was to support these experts in selfidentifying their involvement as potential actors and/or value chain coordinators in developing a street paper operation in Albuquerque. While a comprehensive list of barriers to upward mobility for low-income and homeless populations were identified in the study, key findings from the research (related to the first objective of the study) have implications for overcoming those barriers through the operationalizing of a street paper value chain. This includes the identification of a wide variety of barriers and strategies to completing each value creation process involved in the street paper value chain. This also includes the identification of particular barriers and strategies to operating within local industry-specific and sector-specific business environments, the regulatory environment, and the political climate. Another key finding from the research (related to the second objective of the study) has implications for research participants’ and the community’s capacity to develop a street paper value chain in the near future. While there are a high number of research participants and community leaders who are interested in the concept of a street paper value chain and who have all the expertise to develop one, most of them are already operating at their highest capacity and have a limited amount of resources and/or time to dedicate to the development of such an operation outside of their current professional responsibilities. v This study is part of a growing body of research on value chain analysis and how it applies to the development of street paper operations. Future research could focus on examining the demand side of a street paper value chain through content analysis with a street paper product prototype.



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Community and Regional Planning

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School of Architecture and Planning

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Dr. Claudia B. Isaac

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Dr. Manuel-Julian R. Montoya

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Dr. William Fleming

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Dr. Levi Romero

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