Architecture and Planning ETDs


Roger Easley

Publication Date

Summer 6-6-1974


This study seeks to provide a method which can be used to obtain the information necessary for the design of apartments within the limitations imposed by prevailing market conditions, financial considerations and investor needs. This is accomplished by presenting first, a method of market analysis designed to determine if a market exists in a given locality and delineating specifics about that market which would affect the design. A method is also developed for translating the market conditions into a form which wold indicate whether or not a proposed apartment project is economically feasible and what its probable value would be to an investor. Tax law, dealing with apartments, is discussed, since a common reason for investing in real estate is the tax benefit which can be derived through depreciation.

The methods developed in this thesis are applied to a hypothetical city for which conditions were chosen to represent a marginal situation for an apartment project. The results of this investigation of the hypothetical city are employed in fixing a set of design determinants for an apartment project which can feasibly be built in the market area.



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School of Architecture and Planning

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Don Paul Schlegel

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Michel Pillet

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Apartments, Market Analysis, Pent-Up Market, Economic Feasibility, Tax Law, Ellwood Formula