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Originally a renovation and addition plan to solve space problems in the Luna County Courthouse and Jail buildings the current project acquired further creative architectural requirements when the Courthouse achieved National Register of Historic Places status in 1977. Employed by Architect Jess Holmes of Albuquerque and given major responsibility for solution of the Luna County government’s expansion problems I analyzed needs and desires-spatial, environmental and economic-of the various departments affected by the future renovations and additions and within projected budget constraints, building code restrictions and departmental demands proposed the changes herein explored. To define and clarify my own feelings for the buildings and their potential as viable structures I studied similar renovation and addition projects in terms of design and implementation of the architectural concepts involved.

The Courthouse is a significant building because of the Villista trials held there after the guerrillista’s raid on Columbus, New Mexico in 1916 but the jail structure through not nationally designated also exhibits a structural and artistic soundness. Because the people of Luna County placed prime importance on conservation of both buildings I sought to retain as much of their original uniqueness and inherent character as possible without compromising present staff needs or overriding normal governmental functioning. Understanding such real constraints and working within them to creatively solve the Luna County governmental office problems while suggesting appropriate alteration in keeping with the historic and architectural integrity of the existing structures guide my planning for this renovation and addition project



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