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As an interest in art appreciation by the general population grows it becomes more and more important that display techniques expand tremendously so as to allow the largest diversity of persons possible to participate. The construction of university art museums has been extensive in recent years. However there has been no comprehensive body of work studying the implications of a project designed to totally immerse art experience in the educative process on a university campus. A university campus, by its very nature, is an elite institution. The problem then becomes how to make it less so by visually and physically providing an inviting atmosphere to the viewing of art, thus opening to the general community the possibility of sharing in the educative process through art.


This project represents an investigation of art's role in the educative process, a brief history of museums, the implications of making art experience accessible on the university campus and an investigation into the physical planning process of the art experience on a university campus. Architectural implications of these concepts are illustrated in a prototype planning process for the University of New Mexico campus.


The first undertaking was to develop a general understanding of art's role in society. This led to an investigation into an interpretation of art's potential role in the educative process. It was decided that this investigation should be illustrated with a real problem, that of the display of art on the University of New Mexico campus. A complete planning study was implemented which culminated with a series of proposals for the campus.


The results achieved by this work are an indepth study of the design process for the display of art on a university campus. A satellite system was decided upon. This concept utilized the entire university campus creating a living museum around a central nucleus museum.



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