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Many people have failed and many companies have gone bankrupt attempting to apply assembly line methods to the housing industry. A few, for what ever reasons, have been at least partially successful. Seven successful regional manufacturers of modular houses were observed and interviewed in this study to determine how they make their product and the problems involved with this type of construction. The summaries and conclusions of those visits provoke several considerations for designing a regional system. One consideration is incorporating steel as a basic structural material, which leads the investigation to seven modular housing proposals that use steel as the basic structural material. It is then concluded that modular construction and specifically modular housing can be a realistic alternative to conventional and prefabricated construction in man instances and a preliminary design of a modular housing system is offered to stimulate interest, discussion, and future studies.



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School of Architecture and Planning

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Robert Carl Cohlmeyer

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Michel Louis Roger Pillet

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William Rogers Gafford

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Robert Carlton Walters

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Enid Ethel Howarth

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