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The issue of adaptive reuse for older structures is one that is the forefront of the architectural profession today. In many cases public and private developers are realizing that the rehabilitation of disused and abandoned buildings is more economically viable than the construction of similar new facilities. Nowhere has this been more prominently demonstrated than in the field of the performing arts facility. Historically, this type of building has one of the highest per square foot costs of any building type. The growing awareness of the arts and their subse­quent sponsorship by the government had created a demand for facilities that cannot be met within the existing framework of a community's performing arts resources.

This thesis is a program and design for the reuse of the KiMo Theatre in Albuquerque. This once great theatre, built to meet the demands of the newly created moviegoing public in 1927 has seen all its glory fade as the suburban movie theatres took over. The thesis presents the KiMo in its historic perspective, and gives a detailed account of the efforts that were required to bring the KiMo up to a level where it was purchased by the City for use as a performing arts center. Detailed and schematic plans are presented which place the KiMo in the context of the surrounding area and show how it is an integral part of the downtown rebuilding process.

The important thing to realize is that the KiMo is a very real project, which will soon see, once again, live performances on its stage.



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