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An investigation is made of user-oriented evaluation research in architectural design. The need today for evaluation of many architectural projects is demonstrated. The role which evaluation can play in the design cycle and the need for effective communication of evaluation research findings to architects are examined. A post occupancy evaluation case study of the University of New Mexico's Married Student Housing is presented which focuses primarily on residents' satisfaction with physical design related issues. Research findings are organized in terms of the hierarchy of housing needs suggested by Clare Cooper. It is shown that this project is highly successful in providing some basic human needs such as shelter and security, and is somewhat less successful in providing some higher order needs such as privacy and social interaction. Recommendations for alterations and for possible future additions to the existing facility are suggested. A summary of research findings and recommendations is presented in graphic form to demonstrate one method of communicating research results.

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The author would like to thank the Research Committee of the School of Architecture and Planning and the Student Research Allocation Committee of the Graduate Student Association of the University of New Mexico for research grants which aided in the research and production of this thesis. Special thanks are due several persons whose support and cooperation were essential to the successful completion of this project: David Eppich, Housing Services Manager; Robert A. Schulte, Director of Housing and Food Services; and Van Dorn Hooker, University Architect, all of the University of New Mexico; Robert L. Torres, architect; and most important of all, the residents of Married Student Housing.



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