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PURPOSE OF STUDY: The purpose of this study is to look at existing problems that now occur in planning educational facilities in urban environments. In order to make the problem as real as possible an urban site, chosen for the proposed Albuquerque High School, was used. Finally, the problem was to use this existing site and design a four year comprehensive public high school for this area. The study includes a detailed analysis of the "school-within-­a-school" concept which has been used in a few secondary school plants throughout the country.

THESIS CONTENT: The fundamental concern in designing a school of this type is to design for the individual. The team teaching concept is employed in this proposed facility. The reasoning behind this is to provide an environment for each individual, each student working on a program designed for his needs, learning things he wants because they satisfy his needs. It is believed that through this type of learning environment the student, evaluated at his own ability, will truly become an individual in search of his own education, and not a human form lost in a student body wandering around a school plant, regurgitating facts to pass exams, until he can legally drop out. This educational facility as more than a building to be opened and closed at the ring of a bell or the hands of a clock. It is a learning environment to be used by all the people of the community. It is an educational center as well as a recreational center for the entire family. Community involvement includes: day care facility, health clinic, recreational field house as well as outdoor recreational spaces, media center, career skills area, for a comprehensive adult educational program. The thesis is compiled and presented in two phases. Phase One includes the research program and written statement of all research as it applies to the specific chosen problem. Phase Two includes the design work and presentation drawings which result from the research performed.



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