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My thesis is that designed environments for learning should facilitate the learning. In this context both the concept of learning and of designed environments will be regarded as purposeful. The learning will be limited to humans. I have introduced a number of elements applicable to education, learning, learners, environments, and interactions between individuals as a background and framework of reference. Within this framework some expanded concepts of one form of designed environments for learning in schools have been considered. These elements and concepts then can be listed in a development and evaluation composite which I have called Environmental Dimensions. When these dimensions are integrated with the programming goals, requirements, relationships and objectives, the designer has a more complete and objective method of evaluating the total environment. From this point the designer must have a method of relating the program, the environmental dimensions, and the people involved into a design synthesis. For this I have proposed the team approach. This approach simply means that each specialist has to understand the "special language" and special viewpoint of his team members and must be willing and able to explain his own proposals, accept criticism prompted by a different perspective, and be ready to rework his own contribution so as to minimize the objections of the other specialists, while still reaching his own goal. This team itself should be very carefully chosen to include specialists from the design and education fields together with direct representatives from the community, and especially the people being served. This would, of necessity, include both students and teachers. I have indicated a method of selecting several of the team members, which may not have been previously considered. Through this team concept, I contend that the goals, requirements, relationships and environmental dimensions can be recombined into a meaningful environment for learning.



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