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Bashir Ul Haq

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The purpose of this study is to develop an understanding of the concept of maximum learning in secondary school education and how this concept can lead to achieving efficiency of space. The concept of maximum learning is based on the research findings of Educational Facilities Laboratories, Inc. These research findings are based on the concept that maximum learning depends upon the establishment of educational objectives, awareness of the changing nature of educational objectives, and finding more effective ways to achieve the educational objectives. The concept of efficiency of space is based on the maximization of the effective utilization of space and the availability of different kinds of space for different kinds of activity such as small-group discussion, independent study, presentation, etc., as recommended by the Educational Facilities Laboratories, Inc. The thesis suggests that the different kinds of activity can be facilitated in a school physical plant, even in a financially poor school district, where budgetary constraint limits space. In order to make this problem as real as possible, the Taos High School is selected as a case study. The thesis examines existing physical facilities at Taos High School and proposes redesigning and reorganization of the existing physical facilities. This is accomplished by organizing teaching and learning around five different kinds of activity recommended by Educational Facilities Laboratories, Inc. The redesigned spaces thus created exceeded the area of the existing facilities by about 2,390 square feet. This additional space is necessitated because of the proposed addition in physical facilities for large-group instruction. On the basis of the redesigned spaces the thesis proposes renovation of Taos High School and thereby shows that it is possible to create efficiency of space in a school district where budgetary constraint limits space. The study in the thesis can contribute as a guide to school clients in using existing physical facilities more efficiently and in renovating existing schools.



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