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At the present time, the air transport industry is facing tremendous problems in all phases of the air trans­port industry. As projected by this thesis, these problems can only become greater. This project works as follows: the subject is researched to give the reader a clear over all understanding of the problems. This is done as displayed in the "research method.' The information will provide a basic pro􀀗ram for the development of successful master plans for large airports of the future which will be capable of integrating into the era of future high density traffic. This project evaluates social, ecological and economic projections as they relate to the overall subject. Air vehicles of the future are studied and projected. Airports and terminal concepts are discussed as they relate to future problems.

Since the present ATC system cannot absorb much more traffic, ATC technology and systems of the future are studied. Methods of passenger and freight distribution are projected.

Trends in government policies and airport financing and regulations need to be evaluated before any project of this magnitude can be initiated.

All research was conducted in the manner displayed in the following section, research method.

A secondary phase to this thesis is to take the recommendations, research, and evaluations and develop a conceptual master plan for a regional hub airport for 1985 and beyond. This part of the thesis will consider the airport only as a transfer station from airborne to land based carriers. lt will be designed as phase one dictates. It will provide the reader with an optimum solution to which one can adopt these concepts to more spec1f1L airport requirements. This phase will be presented in graphic form by the use of architectural drawings.



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