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John L. Gould

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This thesis concerns itself with the use of a sequenced set of photographic images of non-architect designed architecture as a teaching tool for architectural design. Non-architect designed architecture was chosen because frequently this form of architecture exhibits strong architectural design gestures which are not used by architectural professionals. To indicate another set of design referents, other than those used by the professionals, was to show another alternative for learning aspects of architectural design. The first step taken was to photograph in black and white photography forty-nine instances of non-architect designed architecture. Each of these instances has to be a visually strong architectural gesture, a structure or space made by a non-professional architecturally, which exhibited strong design features that formed an image. The photographs were then printed, sequenced, and made into photographic slides. The sequencing aspect of these images was a very important consideration. Often an individual is drawn to a certain design set of forms. This is frequently to the exclusion of other possibilities. What is shown here in this thesis is how forms change into other forms, how a first set of images grows and changes into other sets of forms. This aspect shows an individual how he can, to a certain extent, affect self-growth in his own ability for architectural design. This thesis then went on to prove how effective the use of slides can be in the above considerations. Three test groups of architectural design students in 3rd year architecture classes were shown these slides, two groups saw them twice, and the third group saw them three times. There was a time space between slide presentations of a week's time. During the slide presentations, there were taped discussion periods. The results are recorded in Part IV of this thesis. The results from the tape recordings, combined with an end testing after each presentation, indicated the validity of this thesis. The final conclusion of this thesis would be that sequenced slide presentations of non-architect designed architecture can raise design awareness in architecture students. Another source of design possibilities can be derived from this form of architecture.



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