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This thesis discusses the steps leading to the development of a course manual for teaching basic drafting skills, related to residential projects, in the Construction Drafting Lab/Theory I course at Albuquerque Technical-Vocational Institute. The format of this development was or­ganized within the methodology used in teaching by objectives and the procedures of programmed instruction.

Using the general methodology of teaching by objectives the thesis defines the five specific areas of application, related to development of the manual, which are: target population, job description, course pre­requisites, task development and course objectives. The thesis applies the five specific areas of research and generates interrelated results, ending with a list of detailed course objectives.

The thesis concludes by applying the procedures used in programmed instruction to three of the detailed objectives to demonstrate the method of learning that will be used in the course. Additionally, the thesis suggests several areas of the original research that should be continually monitored so that adjustments can be made in the course content or methods of presentation of course material to the student.



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School of Architecture and Planning

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