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Presently, air transportation in all its various facets is facing tremendous problems. The problems are numerous and increasing as people become more aware of their surroundings, Air transportation's growth has been predicated on airplane development which has been phenomenal. This one-sided view has made air transportation a detriment to the society it seeks to serve.

Since the present air transportation system must be changed in order to better serve the society of which it is a part, the solutions being tried and technological tools available are discussed. The urban areas and their relation to an air transportation network are studied in the light of these expanded ideas.

The resulting regional airport plan is the optimum solution based on the research and evaluation carried out earlier in the thesis, This so­lution makes use of existing technology and equipment currently in use, and can be adapted to any number of specific regions, individual planning for which lies beyond the scope of this work.



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School of Architecture and Planning

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Michel Louis Roger Pillet

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William Rogers Gafford

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