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This study is directed toward the problem of noise pol­lution. Noise pollution, being a recent type of pol­lution, has not received the amount of attention given to the other types of ecological pollution.

Thus far, very little consideration has been given to noise. Architects have shown some interest in hushing our environment and owners of low income housing have shown even less consideration of the matter. Although the situation of silencing our environment looks grim, since the writer embarked on this study, there has come into being the first and only public listing of an acoustical consultant in Albuquerque.

Information, although scarce, was gathered. Studies were made on problem sites and conclusions were derived that will help an architect choose his criteria when designing low-income housing. In this type of housing, money is a major factor, while noise is given little consideration. Noise could be eliminated through the utilization of acoustical materials and expensive construction. Low-income housing is limited in this respect and in another way – the design structure itself through the sociological backgrounds of the residents with consid­eration to the location and budget used.

The design structure is mostly derived from the studies on the technical data of acoustics. The sociological background was limited to pertinent effects of environment on an individual throughout his life.

Modification of existing structures would have astronomical figures. Therefore, for obvious reasons, this study will be applied to those buildings in the design stage.

Every interested architect will be given a program listing the alternative solutions as to the actual acoustical and financial needs.



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