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Spring 4-14-2022


The APS (Albuquerque Public Schools) Vision Zero for Youth Initiative adopts the global Vision Zero traffic safety movement’s goal of eliminating traffic fatalities and injuries to pedestrians and cyclists from vehicular crashes. The APS Vision Zero for Youth Initiative is comprised of a traffic-safety curriculum for K-8 students, an action plan that sets traffic-safety goals and progress evaluation frameworks for the school district, and a campaign to build a new culture of traffic safety for students, families, and local communities.

This project employs participatory methods that build the capacity of students enrolled in local public schools to produce and share collective understandings of pedestrian safety to guide the initiative’s development. The methods utilized in this research project include: 1) Participatory Student Mapping Sessions that engaged approximately 150 students across 7 APS schools to assess problems and solutions for safer transportation systems. 2) The development of equitable prioritization processes to engage students from schools with the highest need for pedestrian safety interventions. 3) The development of student and stakeholder engagement strategies. 4) The production and sharing of student-sourced data for interagency concurrency and regional pedestrian safety and Vision Zero-related goals.

Project Sponsors

Graduate and Professional Student Association, University of New Mexico; Capital Master Plan, Albuquerque Public Schools



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Community and Regional Planning

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Community and Regional Planning

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School of Architecture and Planning

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Dr. Renia Ehrenfeucht

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Moises Gonzales

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Kalyn Mae Finnell


vision zero, safe routes to school, participatory mapping, youth engagement, transportation alternatives programs, public school planning