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This thesis is concerned with a number of disciplines particularly solar energy technologies and their relationship "to social change. The other disciplines are psychology, politics, and economics. A central argument based on discussions, literature and academic activities about these subjects is presented in a written format ana on a video tape recording.

The thesis presents experiences outside the academic environment which are summarized in the appendices relating to projects utilizing solar energy. The projects were developed with Sun Mountain Design of Santa Fe , New Mexico. Descriptions and documents of the projects are included.

The thesis is not only inter- disciplinary academically but inter-relates personal experiences which are critical to its argument.

The thesis establishes that the linkages between solar energy and social change are deeply rooted in personal change and Marxist economics. Although many technologies are being developed, some by the reader, they will be ineffectual without re-evaluating their mode of distribution. The mode of distribution cannot be wedded into the existing market place of capitalist economies. The thesis establishes that without this understanding, technological innovation only supports the existing social system and does not create a viable change. The thesis does propose that re-education of technicians with political economics can implement a viable social change. This change will result in an equitable distribution of not only solar technologies, but other related technological innovations.



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Attached is the author's drawings in the manuscript.

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