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This thesis concerns itself with design development for an Albuquerque Metropolitan Law Enforcement Agency. Very little up-to-date written material was found pertaining to law enforcement facility design so the information displayed on succeeding pages is derived primarily from interviews with Police Department personnel. Rather than being any type of case study I would say the design proposal is very unique to Albuquerque because of this factor and this has proven to be entirely adequate and desirable. The statistical and descriptive data has been delineated in outline form to aid in cross referencing and comprehending the largest number of operational systems as possible. Command structure changes and assumptions concerning operations procedures have been made purely for convenience in some instances due to the lack of any means of obtaining a clear cut answer at the time of inquiry. The Albuquerque Police Department underwent radical administrative changes during 1966 and decisions affecting some operational possibilities have simply not yet been made since the Department is still testing and studying organization.

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School of Architecture and Planning

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Thomas R. Vreeland Jr.

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This is a bachelor's thesis in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Architecture.

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