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This semester I am making preparations for thesis work in architecture next semester. My thesis project includes:

I. Proposed Model

Design of a village system based on field research in Rio Arriba County in northern New Mexico

II. Field Research

A. An anthropological cultural value study of the area through field research

B. A cross-cultural comparison of a rural culture and an urbanized culture

III. Possible design procedures to be determined upon completion of the field research

A. Go to the people who have moved out of the study area and find out under what rules they would come back

B. A gravity model study of the placement of facilities in the village system

C. The study of the criteria modifications in gravity model theory with the application of advanced communication theory

D. A perceptual study of the visual amenities of the area.

E. Planning and design of facilities

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School of Architecture and Planning

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This is a bachelor's thesis in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Architecture.

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