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Faunal data, R script and figures are provided as a zip file ( created from the repository hosted at Within this zip file there is a folder called “data,” where all summary and raw faunal counts are included. Original citation information from which this data is derived is included in the Readme document. Tables are presented as number of identified specimens (NISP), minimum number of individuals (MNI) or presence/absence data within each .csv. Column headings represent stratigraphic units or contexts that the original publications use. x=classification present in context/unit. In Thailand, zooarchaeological data is included from Spirit Cave, Banyan Valley Cave, Tham Lod Rockshelter, Sai-Yok Rockshelter, Khao Talu Cave, Ment Cave, Lang Kamnan Cave, Long Rongrien Rockshelter, Khao Toh Chong Rockshelter, Moh Khiew Cave I, Moh Khiew Cave II, Sakai Cave and Thung Nong Nien Rockshelter. In Peninsular Malaysia, zooarchaeological data is included from Gua Gunung Runtuh, Gua Harimau, Gua Ngaum, Gua Teluk Kelawar, Gua Peraling, Gua Cha, Gua Kechil, Gua Tenggek and Gua Sagu. Mollusc faunal data from Lang Kamnan Cave is reported in mass (grams). This repository dataset is described in: Conrad, C. 2015. Archaeozoology in Mainland Southeast Asia: Changing Methodology and Pleistocene to Holocene Forager Subsistence Patterns in Thailand and Peninsular Malaysia. Open Quaternary, 1: 7, pp. 1–23, DOI:


A collection of faunal data from mainland Southeast Asia archaeological sites spanning the late Pleistocene and Holocene. Sites are located throughout Thailand and Peninsular Malaysia.


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