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Summer 7-3-1937


In the foregoing study of the Plains and the Pueblos as compared on a basis of social organization, it is apparent that there are at least three possible groupings of quite definitely similar organizations: the Tewa and the Pawnee, the Keresan and the Omaha, the Hopi and the Crow. Although the preliminary intention was to attempt the discovery of cultural parallels among cultures related linguistically, it was found that, due to lack of material, this plan was unfeasible. In extending the search for cultural affinities beyond limitations of linguistic boundaries, the above pairing of similar tribal organizations were encountered. Summaries of the distinctive cultures of the Pueblos and of the Plains may be found at the ends of the chapters and in the accompanying charts.


Ethnology, Tewa, Hopi, Keresan, Pawnee, Omaha, Crow

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UNM Department of Anthropology

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