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In recognition of management's responsibility for assuring the required quality, timely delivery, and optimum cost of purchased material, this study develops and analyzes a technique for the scientific selection of suppliers. This technique is designed to determine the capability of suppliers to manufacture and deliver material in accordance with the buyer's requirements and specifications. By being able to differentiate between reliable and unreliable sources, the buyer has surmounted a major obstacle to the procurement of uniform product of satisfactory quality and reliability.

It is also the purpose of this study to develop and analyze a procedure for controlling supplier performance and assuring effective supplier-buyer relations. This procedure is designed to promote a mutual understanding of the supplier's capabilities and the buyer's requirements as they relate to the co-operative effort and responsibility of producing an acceptable product. The full utilization of a supplier's capabilities, and the assurance of his satisfactory performance are completely dependent upon the ackowledgement and definition of this responsibility and team effort.



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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

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Anderson School of Management

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