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This study seeks to explain this curious and unknown connection of Albuquerque flamenco to Eva Encinias-Sandoval and the dance traditions of Nuevomexicanos. I seek to identify the history and social impact of this rich and distinct New Mexico flamenco tradition by tracing the development of Encinias-Sandoval's career and the establishment of her now world-class flamenco arts program, offered through the University of New Mexico's Dance and Theatre Department, as well as thorough affiliates and organizations of the National Institute of Flamenco. More specifically, my thesis describes how Eva Encinias-Sandoval built and continues to anchor this inspiring expressive art form in the realm of the "local". This research also seeks to address the ways in which New Mexico flamenco came to be included in the activist repertoire of expressive culture at the height of the Chicano Movement.




Flamenco, Eva Encinias-Sandoval, New Mexico, Fiestas, Dance, Chicano Movement, Chicano Popular Culture

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