Centro Cultural Abya Yala del Ecuador

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Abya-Yala and University Libraries Partnership Agreement

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The parties believe this partnership agreement will:

  • enrich the Indigenous and Latin American research collections at the University of New Mexico
  • give global visibility to the Abya-yala Cultural Center and its publications
  • extend the market for Abya-yala publications
  • bring new revenue to Abya-yala to digitize more publications
  • integrate Abya-yala publications in searches in or about Latin American and indigenous issues in English and Spanish (and eventually other languages such as Portuguese)
  • increase research activity in these areas
  • the production of more publications
  • enhance the technical capacity of Abya-yala to create digital publications based on OAI standards
  • create opportunities to include other Latin American research centers in future that serve indigenous peoples such as FLACSO, ASUR, HISBOL, et cetera.

Signed on June 12, 2008 by Padre Juan Botari Giovanni for Abya-Yala and Johann van Reenen for UNM University Libraries


University of New Mexico


This agreement, signed on 6/12/2008 between representatives of el Centro Cultural Abya Yala del Ecuador and UNM University Libraries, provides permission for UNM to offer open-source copies of Abya Yala publications under a Creative Commons license in the digital repository.