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Susan Vigil


This work is compiled from reflections on community development efforts in a rural New Mexico region invested with shared traditions and livelihoods emerging from a unique location herein referred to as the “Village of Magdalena, City of Socorro Study Area”. The possibility that rural communities may leverage place-based resources and networks comprehensively comprises this study’s propositional anlage to spark questions as to how leveraging may unfold through initiatives supporting both arts and agricultural activities. How communities identify with their location--its history, economy, resource and communal spaces—defines opportunities both realized and imagined in this scarcely populated New Mexico place. Interviews and surveys of professional organizers, as well as observations of markets and open-air festivals were conducted to gain insight into the values and community development objectives of the study area.



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Community and Regional Planning

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School of Architecture and Planning

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Jojola, Theodore

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Isaac, Claudia

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Kjelstrom, Keith


Community Economic Development Planning

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